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Repairing the coastal branch of the forum held in Xiamen, the two groups
Release Date:2010-4-19 12:44:31   News sources:Shen Xing airbag
News Type:Enterprise News

Chapter two groups along the coast ship repair ship repair business production years in 2008 forum held in Xiamen on January 21. Meeting by the Secretary-General of Fujian Shipbuilding Industry Association, Huang Xiangshun over, from Fujian, Zhejiang, Shandong, Tianjin, parts maintenance repair 30,000 tons below the nearly 30 business representatives attended the conference.

    The participants focused on the exchange of the region in 2007 repairing production and operations, discussed the ship repair market conditions and characteristics. Representatives, ship repair market boom in 2007 with full order, ship conversion and repair tasks outer increase in output in general repair business growth, efficiency greatly improved. According to statistics, Fujian Province, completed in 2007 repair 2622, repair value of 1.86 billion yuan. Tianjin Xingang Shipyard, Ligang Zhejiang Shipyard, Huangpu Shipyard, Xiangshan Shipyard, Guangzhou Goldenthal shipping Company, Fujian new shipbuilding ship repair far substantial growth in both output.

    Ship repair business in 2007 the main problems is that repair prices have increased, but still low compared to international markets. Board price per ton for about 1500-1800 tons / dollar, up to 20 million tons / USD, while the Singapore exchange board price per ton up to 6000-7000 dollars. And Singapore compared to China's shipyards in Singapore for boards offer lower prices only 25-30% of the best private enterprises for the higher board prices, able to reach 2000 tons / USD, but only in Singapore for the price of the 47 board %. In 2007 rising steel and labor costs, repair costs increased by RMB appreciation. In addition, full repair tasks, repair docks and other large ship repair facilities, lack of influence the shipyard to undertake more tasks modified boat.

    Meeting decided to repair the coastal branch of the member units of the two groups were adjusted, unanimously recommended the company as head of the shipbuilding industry in Fujian unit. Conference delegates also visited the Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd., Han Sheng yacht manufacturing company.



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