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Yangtze River ship channel into a new generation of large-scale layout
Release Date:2010-4-19 12:46:22   News sources:Shen Xing airbag
News Type:Enterprise News

China's first vessel in accordance with the flow to adapt to the layout of the Yangtze River Waterway along 40 meters of large-scale operations designed the layout of ships, "Long Yan 8" before construction of completed recently will arrive in Yichang, Hubei. Yichang Changjiang Waterway Engineering Bureau, according to the person in charge, "Long Yan 8" is specifically designed to support the Ministry of Transport to speed up the Yangtze River Waterway Construction built the investment, mainly for the layout of the Yangtze River and coastal hydraulic engineering work, the vessel length 78 m, type width of 20 meters, depth 3.8 m, draft 1.8 m, the total cost of nearly 50 million yuan. Ship is superior system performance, the best equipment configuration, the largest construction efficiency and high intelligence in the domestic leading level. In addition to manually control the centralized operations, the vessel can also use fully automatic intelligent control system wide control operations, design the layout of the precision error is not more than 0.02 meters. Compared with the same level of the layout of ships, the biggest advantage is that it can ship 1.5-20 meters in depth, velocity 0-2.5 m / sec under conditions so smooth layout. The success of the construction of the vessel, the Yangtze River waterway for future construction of large-scale renovation to ensure smooth flow of the Yangtze River waterway security play an important role.


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