The company is able to independently design and manufacture multi-purpose air-bag and inflatable rubber fender.
The air-bag manufactured by the company may be used for the land transport of large-sized and heavy structural components...

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Escrow ship fire
Release Date:2010-4-19 12:46:57   News sources:Shen Xing airbag
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As the economy improves, Wuhu ship industry also showed a thriving scene. October 8, the reporter saw in the Yangtze River in Wuhu Great Bend office, the bank a thousand large and small ships at anchor, here is the distributing center in Central China one of the ship --- Wuhu ship market.
      All along, Wuhu port throughput in the country top ten inland river ports in the list, holding the ship is also home province leader Shipping volume ranked third in the country. According to reports, the unique location advantage, good market environment, the higher shipbuilding capacity, and promote the Wuhu ship trading industry continues to evolve. The peak periods more than 220 ships agency.


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