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Yellow Sea will be the new International Ship and international luxury cruise luxury ro
Release Date:2010-4-19 12:49:29   News sources:Shen Xing airbag
News Type:Enterprise News
January 15, Bohai Ferry Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ship Research and Design Institute, the national classification societies and other units in the Yellow Sea Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. jointly held four international luxury ro technical seminars, and signed a development and design the construction of an international luxury cruise deal. This four international luxury ro ship length 178.8 m, type width of 28 meters, the total tonnage of 2.7 million tons, a passenger capacity of 2296 people, located three layers vehicle cabin, the vehicle cabin height of 4.85 meters, Drive the length of 2,500 meters, the vehicles can carry more than 300 vehicles. This is the largest tonnage, passenger number and volume of the largest facilities of loading the most advanced ro. Marine power systems, access systems, communication and navigation systems, security alarm system, emergency evacuation systems are all equipped with modern facilities, design stability and hull strength of a good sea conditions in the gale still sailing under. Program of the international luxury Ferry Design review has been sent to China Classification Society. Plan No. 1 in 2011 in the second half boat delivery, the first half of 2013, all operational. According to general manager of the new Bohai Ferry Co., Ltd. introduced the new ships are constructed in accordance with international ro technical specifications, design, that will not only be rolling operating domestic passenger transport routes, but also to meet South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Europe and the United States off roll route operations. For the development of coastal tourism, Bohai Ferry Co., Ltd. will invest in the construction of an international luxury cruise. In this seminar, Bohai Ferry Co., Ltd. and the China Classification Society, Shanghai Ship Research and Design Institute and the Yellow Sea Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. signed the "Memorandum of Cooperation luxury cruise R & D projects", which indicates that China research and development project was officially launched luxury cruise .  

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