The company is able to independently design and manufacture multi-purpose air-bag and inflatable rubber fender.
The air-bag manufactured by the company may be used for the land transport of large-sized and heavy structural components...

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Shen Xing airbag is a manufacturer of construction and the Marine air bags, fenders, a professional manufacturer, after years on the air bags, fenders, production technology, innovative research, the company can design their own multi-purpose production safety protection airbags and inflatable rubber side. The company's airbag, fender can be used in caissons, bridge and other large land area of heavy component handling; major component of water floating transport; bridge rubber support pad replacement; ship and launching; shipwreck salvage; gas, liquid containers and transport; airbag, fender set up temporary reservoirs, oil depots; pipeline erection; pipe seals; erecting floating bridge, channel buoys; deep sea aquaculture, floating nets. The company upholds the quality to open up the market, credit and create the future of the enterprise objective, independent research and development production of leading product engineering and marine air bagair bags, fenders, with high quality raw materials and perfect after-sale service quickly occupied the market, in the shipbuilding industry has a good reputation .


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